Traditional heating systems

This is the most common type of system in the UK today, comprising of a coldwater storage tank (normally in the loft area), a hot-water storage cylinder and a separate boiler (traditionally installed within the kitchen).

It is generally suitable for average to larger homes with multiple occupancy where hot water will be needed from more than one tap at a time, such as in the bathroom and kitchen. When fitted with fast recovery/high efficiency hot water cylinders this type of system will be almost as efficient as a combination boiler but will serve several taps at a time.


  • Hot water to several taps at the same time.

  • Greater volume of water, which means a bath will fill quickly.

  • When used in conjunction with a fast recovery hot water cylinder (see further information), :hot water can be available almost 24/7 and efficiently.


  • If you require a powerful shower, a mechanical pump will be required to increase the shower pressure.

  • Take up more room i.e. airing cupboard and loft.

  • Greater Risk of freezing pipes in the loft area.

  • Immersion heater can be left on meaning your bills can be affected.





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