FLux service Club

Monthly payment plans to keep you warm


£5 per month

  • Annual boiler service

  • Health check

  • £5 per month


£11 per month

  • Annual boiler service Health check

  • Boiler controls

  • £11 per month


£17.50 per month

  • Annual boiler service

  • Health check

  • Boiler controls

  • Central heating system

  • £17.50 per month


£25 per month

  • Annual boiler service

  • Health check

  • Boiler controls

  • Central heating system

  • Plumbing & drainage

  • £25 per month

Flux Service Club

As members of our Flux service club, our engineers will be on call to fix problems which might occur on your system. If your boiler breaks down or your radiators aren’t heating up, we’ll send an engineer to help, and if any repair work is required, we’ll cover the costs of all parts and labour.

The prices of our different levels of care will stay the same year on year. With our Flux service club you no longer have to worry about your boiler breaking down before Xmas and getting hit with a big bill, just fill out our easy Direct Debit form and we will keep you covered.

  • Our own in house registered engineers

  • No rising yearly fee

  • 24 hour response time

  • Priority call out over non Flux members

What is included?

Annual Boiler Service & Heating System Health Check

• Comprehensive annual service on a single natural gas boiler

• Boiler will be opened up to clean key components

• Parts to be checked for operational safety & ratios restored to manufacturers guidelines

• Engineer check on heating system to ensure all in good working condition Boiler & Controls

Boiler breakdowns & repairs

• Heating controls including thermostats, programmers, motorised valves & pumps

• The boiler flue including the flue terminal up to 1m in length

• Boiler replacement cover if less than 7 years old & deemed irreparable

• £400 off the cost of a new boiler if more than 7 years old & deemed beyond economic repair

• Your gas supply pipe from the meter

Central Heating System

• All repairs to the central heating system & primary hot water pipework within the property

• Standard radiators & associated valves

• External expansion vessels

• Pressure relief valves

• Gauges & external filling loops

Plumbing & Drainage

• Repairs to the plumbing system within your home including water pipes as they enter the house & throughout the house

• Hot water cylinders & their components such as immersion heaters, timers & thermostats

• Leaking taps & running toilets

• Cold water tanks, ball valves & floats

• Ball cocks, siphons, valves & flush handles/buttons

• Domestic drainage within the property

• Repairing leaks on internal waste pipes.

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