insulation removal or extraction

Insulation extraction or removal is a growing area of business Carbon Catch has specialised in over the last couple of years, there are many reasons why you may need this. Imagine being outside on a cold winter day. Then being offered a wet blanket to wrap around you. This would actually be worse than no blanket at all.

Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Essentially,  what can happen when you have old cavity wall insulation, where cracks in the wall have let water in. Old foam and fibre insulation soaks this water up and will probably never dry, causing mould and very poor heat retention. Poorly installed cavity wall insulation can also result in damp and condensation issues.

We can remove the existing material with an industrial vacuum. Working our way from the bottom of the cavity we use compressed air to extract all of the old insulation which is then bagged and taken away leaving no waste.

Why should I have my old insulation removed? 

Old insulation products such as foam, wool and fibre can deteriorate over time, it can break down and leave areas uninsulated along the tops of walls and in other places leading to cold spots which can then become damp spots.

Insulation has moved on significantly even since white bead insulation and installing Graphite Bonded Bead can make a real difference to the heat retention of your home not to mention helping to eradicate the damp issues you may be experiencing due to old failed insulation.

New Bonded Bead insulation is then installed leaving your house warmer and free of any existing problems that were being experienced before.

An average 3 bedroom semi detached house can be extracted and re-filled inside two days

In the majority of cases damp problems in a home can be cured through added ventilation and may not be caused by the cavity insulation at all. However we are seeing a rise in homes surveyed where the existing insulation has broken down or is wet through. In this instance the only way to eradicate this issue is to have the old insulation removed and new insulation installed.

For an average semi detached home this can cost on average from £1000 to £1500, we can even offer a grant to cover the re-fill with the new insulation or finance for you the homeowner if you wish to spread the cost.




Loft Insulation can also need replacing for several reasons. 

  1. Over Insulation. More is not always better. Having too much loft insulation can restrict air-flow and can trap moisture and lead to issues in the top floor directly below the loft, including damp and mould. 

  2. Damaged or Contaminated. Lots of creatures can find their way into your attic and some can feed and even reproduce in your existing insulation. The consequences of this are obvious, including potential health hazards for your family. 

  3. Upgrading your loft insulation. Technology moves on, as this is very evident in the insulation business. The materials Carbon Catch use in loft insulation are far and beyond what was the industry-standard 10 or 15 years ago, offering much better heat retention and much tidier loft spaces. 

Damp cavity wall insulation

Damp cavity wall insulation

Modern Loft Insulation

Modern Loft Insulation


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