Cavity Wall Insulation can save an average household around £150 per year on household heating bills. It is one of our most popular products, however one of the major benefits of this is often overlooked.... until we get a period of weather like we are having now. 

It is very rare that we have a good summer, although I don't hear many complaining at the minute... well until we complain that is is too warm!

Cavity Wall Insulation actually keeps your home cool in the summer!!

We just had a call from a customer who told us that we are life-savers! He left his dog at home while he went to work and came home to find his dog Rollo looking very lethargic and sick. The vet informed the owner that Rollo had a virus and had it not been for the coolness of the house, he may have died.

This customer had cavity wall insulation installed by us in November and had saved loads on his heating bills, but he didn't realise that Cavity Wall Insulation retains the heat in winter and excludes excessive heat in summer. Basically, it allows you full control of your home temperature. 

Cavity Wall Insulation retains heat in the winter and excludes excessive heat in the summer

Keep Cool in the summer with Carbon Catch

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