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Benefits of being Energy-Efficient

Energy Efficiency means using less energy to provide the same service. Being Energy-Efficient helps everyone, well except those greedy oil conglomerates. Some might see this as reason alone to become energy-efficient! 

However, by becoming more efficient with your energy usage, you can save on your electricity and energy bills and free up some extra cash... maybe to use on a gym membership or something useful, like a new hobby. It is always useful to re-allocate any savings made on energy, by doing something tangible, something that makes it worthwhile, and encourages you to keep going. 

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By saving energy you also reduce your carbon footprint, helping the environment. Global Warming is real, and our continuous abuse of our natural resources and increased pollution affects climate change. This impacts on our quality of life, particularly in urban areas, and also on the quality of life of our children. 

Energy Efficiency improves our quality of life. An insulated home keeps out cold in the winter and excessive heat in the summer. Ok, it keeps out the 3 or 4 days of excessive heat we have here in Northern Ireland, but it all helps! Also, how annoying is it having to go and buy bulbs and replace them, Energy efficient lightbulbs have a much greater life than traditional bulbs. 

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Just think of all the plants, fish tanks, cookers, kettles and everything else that can affect and pollute the air that we breathe in. Controlling the airflow and the quality of the air we breathe has many, many health benefits. Ideally, the air in your home should be refreshed every three hours. You aren't going to get up every three hours in the night and open the windows are you? Fresh air takes less energy to heat also. In short, an energy-efficient and well ventilated home is a happy, healthy home! 

Energy Efficiency improves the economy. It is much easier to attract inward investment and new jobs if we culturally, are more energy efficient. Energy Efficiency companies like Carbon Catch lead the way in changing this culture. Energy Efficiency also stimulates innovation, by fostering the need to approach things in a different, more energy-conscious, way.  

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