Where do we start with the Renewable Heat Incentive debacle?

To be honest we at Carbon Catch are glad we never did start. Stick to what you know best is our motto. At the time the reported payments to those signed up to the RHI scheme seemed too ridiculous to be true. Unfortunately they weren't.

Oh well, it's all came out in the wash now. The s**t truly has hit the fan. Considering the amount of poultry shed owners that were benefitting from having their Biomass Boilers burning all day and all night it is quite ironic as we probably should have done a range in fans for the poor sweltered chickens.

Anyway, everyone is probably sick hearing about it now. I thought the American election ran on too long but at least it was just an election. This is a scandal which is now going to be followed by an election. There's more mud being slung up at Stormont than when some government official arrives out at a chicken shed in Armagh to tell them to turn their heating off for a while.

With RHI for every £4.39 spent to heat your building you would get £5.09 back. Not bad eh? We at Carbon Catch specialise in insulation. It can save around 30% of your energy consumption if you install cavity and loft insulation. It will pay for itself over 4-5 years. However what it won't do is make you a million quid over 20 years. Wish it did but it won't.

The NISEP scheme which means we can offer grants to those who wish to benefit from having their homes insulated are an excellent form of assistance to people who wish to save energy and have a warmer home. The budget for NISEP each year is set at £8 million. Out of that £8 million there are various schemes available to home owners that will help cut our carbon emissions in NI. Over 4000 homes will have benefitted from NISEP funding this year. Thousands of tonnes of emissions will have been saved and people's fuel bills will be lower. The direct opposite of the botched RHI scheme which will have increased carbon emissions and cost over £1 billion. Bit of a difference eh!

I can only dream of what we could have done with £1 billion.

The important thing must be that one botched renewable heat incentive must not detract from the fact that we as a province must continue to lower the amount of energy we use. The amount of people living in Fuel Poverty in NI is still higher than anywhere else in the UK. The ministers that have been elected to represent us must not let this failed and frankly ridiculous RHI scheme overshadow the need to focus on saving energy and shifting towards more sustainable forms of energy.

Stop the bickering and get back to doing what you're paid to do please.

Anyway, it is cold outside, but that doesn't mean you should turn up the thermostat. Step away from it, it isn't like the accelerator in a car. It won't get you to the desired temperature any quicker. Also, yes it's cold but the thermostat is there to regulate the temp no matter what it is doing outside. A simple shift from 21 C to 22 C could cost you £75 per year extra on your heating bills.

So, save energy, save money, save the planet, save Arlene's job......well don't know if we can do all of those but three out of four ain't bad.