What is Loft Insulation

When the temperature plummets, most of us turn up the heat but if your finding your home still feels chilly, the storage space above your head could be the cause. Make your home feel immediately warmer by placing a deep pillow of insulation in your loft. Any existing insulation can be topped up to the required level of 12” (300mm) by our expert installation team.

Why do I need Loft Insulation?

You can benefit from having loft insulation in your home because, according to The Energy Saving Trust, a typical detached house, can save over £200 a year by installing loft insulation from a reputable provider like Carbon Catch. 

The figures below are based on installing loft or roof insulation in either a totally un-insulated loft, or topping up existing insulation from 120mm to 270mm.

Benefits of Loft Insulation

  • Save up to £200 a year on your heating bills
  • Stop heat escaping through your roof so your home feels warmer
  • Expect payback in around 3 years
  • We'll give you a 2 year guarantee
  • We can arrange building control

Cost of Loft Insulation

The cost of Loft Insulation is very much dependent on your home or business. For example, you may wish to use your loft as a storage space, or indeed as an extra room. The accessibility of your loft, whether your have a flat roof or not, or indeed if there is damp in the space, can all be factors. 

Carbon Catch are KIWA Approved Installers.

To find out if you are suitable for Loft or Roof Insulation,  contact us below, or view or other insulation services. 

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