Insulation Services Northern Ireland

For most homes, insulation is the most suitable, practical and cost effective means to lower energy costs by retaining heat in your home in the winter, and excluding excess heat in the summer. Your energy bills can be reduced by 40%* by having the services offered by Carbon Catch.

Condensation is another issue that many households face.  Professionally-installed and modern insulation can reduce condensation, whilst providing health benefits to those inside. Also your home can feel fresher and cleaner without the odour associated with damp and mould. 

In short, there are several different ways in which to insulate your home as described below. 

You may believe that you don't need insulation as you already have it. Technology has moved on quite a lot in recent years. Old insulation can become damp with moisture and actively cause damp and associated health problems for those exposed to it. Imagine covering yourself in a cold, wet towel when outside in the cold, this is essentially what having damp insulation can be like. We can assess your current insulation for you. 



Not sure if your home or business premises is suitable for any of our insulation solutions? Why not book a free assessment and quotation now. Remember, insulation is not just beneficial in the winter months, you benefit all year round. Why not make savings on your energy bills now? 

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