Cavity Wall Insulation Northern Ireland

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Used to retain heat and reduce heat loss through a cavity wall by filling the space with specialised material. This material traps the air, and transforms the air into the actual insulator, preventing a process called convection. 

Carbon Catch will insert this material into your cavity walls through small, unnoticeable holes and fill the cavity. Taking less than a day to complete, leaving no mess and requiring no maintenance, Cavity Wall Insulation is, understandably, a very popular process.  

Why do I need Cavity Wall Insulation? 

You could be losing up to 35% of the heat in your home through unfilled cavities in your walls. Reduce heat loss and keep cosy with our expertly-installed cavity wall insulation. 

We use super efficient bonded bead and it's installed in less than a day - a simple way to save on your heating bills.

Below is information provided by The Energy Saving Trust, demonstrating how much you could save by installing Cavity Wall Insulation, using a reputable provider like Carbon Catch. 

Carbon Catch are KIWA Approved Installers.

Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Save around £115 a year on your heating bills

  • Your home will feel instantly warmer

  • Expect payback in around 3 years

  • You get a 25 year cavity wall insulation guarantee (CIGA)

  • We can arrange building control

Cost of Cavity Wall Insulation

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