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Carbon Catch Ltd

Northern Ireland's Plumbing & Heating specialists


Carbon Catch Ltd

Northern Ireland's Plumbing & Heating specialists

plumbing & HEATING experts ni

Carbon Catch is a local plumbing and heating company based in Belfast. 

We specialise in:

  • Oil to Gas conversions

  • New oil or gas boilers

  • Boiler repair & servicing

  • Powerflushing

  • New bathrooms

  • New radiators

  • Underfloor heating and smart controls.

Carbon Catch can carry out free energy assessments and advise on any grants available. Whether it's gas conversion, new oil boilers, we are your local experts. Working with the major utility companies such as Firmus Energy and Phoenix Natural Gas we carry out installs throughout Northern Ireland and are fully Gas Safe and Oftec accredited.

Boiler servicing from £50. Get a new boiler quote.

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Oil to Gas Heating Conversions

Save thousands of pounds on your heating bills with a modern household gas conversion

Oil to Gas Heating Conversions

Save thousands of pounds on your heating bills with a modern household gas conversion

Change your heating to Natural Gas.


Making the switch to natural gas is easy. Many Northern Ireland homeowners are changing their heating from oil to gas because it is more energy-efficient, saves them money and has a positive impact on the environment. The switching process is actually really simple, and Carbon Catch can guide you and manage the whole process for you. 

How simple is the Oil to Gas heating conversion in an average home? 

If you can imagine having instant hot water at the press of a button.  Also imagine being in complete control of your heating system at your fingertips, even on your mobile phone. Then imagine being able to remove your unsightly oil tank, horrible old boiler, hot press and/or roof tank – never mind the additional storage space it would give you and a bigger garden.  These are just some of the many advantages of switching to gas central heating.

The whole process of an oil to gas conversion only takes ONE DAY! It is not a messy job because we can use your existing plumbing. We do everything we can to avoid having to lift floorboards and carpets meaning minimum disruption to you. All areas are covered with dust sheets. The process is quick and clean and will leave you with a safer, cheaper and more efficient system.


Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion




With natural gas you have a constant supply, so you never have to worry about running out. Waking up to a cold house and getting cold showers will be a thing of the past. 

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Natural Gas is one of the safest energy sources available in Northern Ireland. Also heating with a natural gas furnace eliminates your risk of a leaking oil tank, a very expensive environmental headache and cleanup.


Instant heat

With Natural Gas heating, you have a constant supply of warm water as well as instant heat. 


Environmentally Friendly

Homes with natural gas heat produce an estimated 42 percent less greenhouse gases than oil-heated homes, up to 42 percent less carbon dioxide and up to 99.9 percent less sulphur dioxide.

Also, by switching to natural gas you could cut out your home's central heating carbon footprint in half, so you'll also be doing your bit for the environment.


Oil to Gas conversions are actually more affordable than people would think. The cost really depends on the size of your house but Carbon Catch can call out and give you a free quote, you might as well know.  The initial cost can be significantly reduced by taking advantage of an oil boiler scrappage scheme or by applying for a grant.  The day-to-day running costs can also work out less so you could start saving money on bills as soon as you convert. 




Carbon Catch are now offering 0% APR Finance on Oil to Gas Conversions. Spread the costs with our exclusive finance offer. 

Click below to find out more. 


Why Carbon Catch?

Carbon Catch are fully Gas Safe accredited and Phoenix and Firmus Natural Gas approved installer. We specialise in conversion from oil to gas, boiler repairs and boiler servicing. In short, we are your boiler experts in the Greater Belfast area, Counties Antrim, Down and beyond. 

Carbon Catch utilise the latest technology, with modern condensing boilers which can improve efficiency to over 90%. For more information contact us now and arrange a FREE heating and energy consultation and discussion on the best heating solution for your home. Every home is different and you may need a tailored solution for your home.    


Contact us now for a free CONSULTATiON & quote

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Call us on 02890 815691


Boiler Repair

Emergency Repair Service Available

Boiler Repair

Emergency Repair Service Available

BOILER REPAIR | Emergency Boiler Service

Boiler Repair

If your boiler has broken down we can have our heating engineer with you as quickly as possible to get you back up and running again.

Annual boiler servicing has many advantages, both from a safety perspective, but also a financial one:

A clean burner and heat exchanger allows the transfer of heat to move easier, saving you money on your energy bills. Whereas a dirty burner will not only cost you money due to inefficiency, but can also pose a gas safety risk. This may lead to a higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information on the dangers of CO poisoning, read what Gas Safe has to say about it here.

The seals in a boiler which prevent the products of combustion escaping into the property may deteriorate over time.  An annual inspection of these seals is vital to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, which will also help to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Most boilers (especially a modern Combi) contain a plethora of components such as pumps, valves, fans, thermostats etc. An inspection of these components can help to identify faulty parts before they fail, saving you time and money. Our accredited installers understand the workings all makes and models of boiler, so if you would like to arrange a visit, give us a call today.

If you contact us during emergency hours (6pm-8am) we will have somebody with you within 24 hours.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: 07841 000220



Replace your old inefficient boiler with a brand new heating system with Carbon Catch and receive up to £1000 off the cost through the boiler replacement scheme.

If your old boiler is over 15 years old and you earn less than £20,000 you will receive up to £1000 off the cost of replacement boiler. Receive up to £500 off the cost if you earn between £20k and £40k.

Available on oil or gas systems. Contact Carbon Catch now and we will provide you with a free quotation.

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Carbon Catch Heating Services

Boiler Servicing

Oil to Gas Conversions

Boiler Repair


New Gas Boilers

Flux Service Club


Gas Boiler Servicing

Service Your Boiler Now for only £50

Gas Boiler Servicing

Service Your Boiler Now for only £50

home gas boiler servicing - £50

Carbon Catch are offering a full boiler service for only £50. Carried out by qualified, Gas Safe Approved engineers, your Carbon Catch boiler service is an essential maintenance job to ensure your home is warm. Contact us today to arrange.

what does the boiler service involve?

  • Full inspection of your boiler and controls to ensure they are working correctly and efficiently.

  • Full check for corrosion and leaks.

  • Boiler casing is removed and full-inspection of the main component parts.

  • Gas pressure check.

  • Full flute test to ensure there are no harmful fumes entering your home.

  • Parts clean - we will remove and clean any parts or components if necesary.

  • Full re-assemble and check on all seals

  • We’ll leave you with a checklist of information about your boiler’s safety.

All of Carbon Catch gas engineers are on the Gas Safe Register.


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New Boilers

New Boilers

New Boilers

Do you think you need a new gas boiler? Is you boiler over 10 years old? Are you eligible for a grant?

These are the questions that many of our customers dwelled over for months and sometimes years before they got in contact with us. Call us now for a free consultation and casual chat about your current boiler and the options available to you.

Carbon Catch installing your new boiler has many benefits:

  • We offer honest, open advice on the best solution.

  • We guarantee a fixed price.

  • We can advise on grants to cover part of or the full cost and help with the paperwork.

  • We offer the opportunity to spread the cost of your installation with 0% Finance options available.

  • We’ve got highly-qualified engineers.

  • Flux Service Club - opportunity to join our service club to maintain your new boiler operating at optimal performance.

  • Thermostat Controls - add an intuitive heating control device to your new boiler

  • FREE Carbon Monoxide Alarm with every New Boiler installation.


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Click below to find out more about Ideal Boilers

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Click below to find out more about Vaillant Boilers

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Worcester Bosch

Click below to find out more about Worcester Boilers


Flux Service Club

Flux Service Club

FLux service Club

Monthly payment plans to keep you warm


£5 per month

  • Annual boiler service

  • Health check

  • £5 per month


£11 per month

  • Annual boiler service Health check

  • Boiler controls

  • £11 per month


£17.50 per month

  • Annual boiler service

  • Health check

  • Boiler controls

  • Central heating system

  • £17.50 per month


£25 per month

  • Annual boiler service

  • Health check

  • Boiler controls

  • Central heating system

  • Plumbing & drainage

  • £25 per month

Flux Service Club

As members of our Flux service club, our engineers will be on call to fix problems which might occur on your system. If your boiler breaks down or your radiators aren’t heating up, we’ll send an engineer to help, and if any repair work is required, we’ll cover the costs of all parts and labour.

The prices of our different levels of care will stay the same year on year. With our Flux service club you no longer have to worry about your boiler breaking down before Xmas and getting hit with a big bill, just fill out our easy Direct Debit form and we will keep you covered.

  • Our own in house registered engineers

  • No rising yearly fee

  • 24 hour response time

  • Priority call out over non Flux members

What is included?

Annual Boiler Service & Heating System Health Check

• Comprehensive annual service on a single natural gas boiler

• Boiler will be opened up to clean key components

• Parts to be checked for operational safety & ratios restored to manufacturers guidelines

• Engineer check on heating system to ensure all in good working condition Boiler & Controls

Boiler breakdowns & repairs

• Heating controls including thermostats, programmers, motorised valves & pumps

• The boiler flue including the flue terminal up to 1m in length

• Boiler replacement cover if less than 7 years old & deemed irreparable

• £400 off the cost of a new boiler if more than 7 years old & deemed beyond economic repair

• Your gas supply pipe from the meter

Central Heating System

• All repairs to the central heating system & primary hot water pipework within the property

• Standard radiators & associated valves

• External expansion vessels

• Pressure relief valves

• Gauges & external filling loops

Plumbing & Drainage

• Repairs to the plumbing system within your home including water pipes as they enter the house & throughout the house

• Hot water cylinders & their components such as immersion heaters, timers & thermostats

• Leaking taps & running toilets

• Cold water tanks, ball valves & floats

• Ball cocks, siphons, valves & flush handles/buttons

• Domestic drainage within the property

• Repairing leaks on internal waste pipes.

Contact us now about our Service Club

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